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From Left to Right: Pete Vigour, Ellen Vigour, Jim Childress, and Mark Beall

"Uncle Henry's Favorites" old-time http://exness-ma.com/ string band hails from Albemarle County, Virginia, home of rolling hills, Jefferson cups, farms, Wahoos and Cavaliers, mountain streams, and a surprisingly active and dedicated community of old-time country fiddlers, banjoists, mandolinists, Carter-family-style singing groups, guitar pickers, Cajun accordionists, square dancers, cloggers, bass fiddlers, and countless other homegrown-music enthusiasts. Pete and Ellen Vigour, of White Hall, Jim Childress, from Free Union, and Mark Beall from Stanardsville, formed "Uncle Henry’s Favorites" in 1985, and have performed their own special version of old-time music ever since, at social occasions throughout their local area. For the 18th straight year, the band presided over the Albemarle County Fiddlers’ Contest, this year drawing 30 fiddlers to compete and jam together at the Labor Day event. Jim and Pete take turns with the fiddle and guitar, Ellen plays the mandolin and calls the dances, while Mark provides the bass fiddle accompaniment. Pete also has been playing the banjo since the age of ten, and often frails the old square dance tunes when the band performs. The new "Uncle Henry’s Favorites" CD, recorded last year, has won rave reviews, and the band reached a national audience with a recent appearance on https://www.exness-ma.com/ public radio’s "A Prairie Home Companion."